Miss Virginia Junior High Supports Service Members at USO Norfolk International Airport

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According to the Grau family, supporting local service members is a family affair. Local military spouse, Sarah Grau, volunteered with her daughter, Hannah, as face painters for a previous event held by the USO of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia (USOHRCV). As Miss Virginia Junior High 2019, Hannah decided to continue her support of USOHRCV by donating pre-packaged snack items to the USO Norfolk International Airport (ORF) center.

In order to raise money, Hannah wove bracelets together with the help of her mom and grandmother and sold them to her community. The money raised was used to buy the pre-packaged snacks for service members visiting the ORF center.

Her father is currently on a one-year deployment overseas, so supporting our men and women in uniform is a cause close to the Grau family.

“I am so excited to continue working with them!” says Hannah. “This means so much to me because my dad has utilized the USO during recent travels, and also long before I was born, he was able to attend concerts overseas sponsored by the USO.”

The Grau family took a tour of the ORF center and met with USOHRCV volunteers upon their visit.

“She said that was just the first little project for her and there were more to come. What a kid!” said Len Friddle, Center Director of the USOHRCV ORF center.

The USOHRCV team appreciates the Grau family for supporting our mission, and we look forward to see how they will continue their support in the future!

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