Happy 90th Birthday Ms. Jackie!

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USOHRCV would like to wish a Happy 90th Birthday to Ms. Jackie at our Little Creek center!

Ms. Jackie has been part of the USOHRCV family as a dedicated volunteer for our JEBLC center since its opening in 2005, and she’s seen it all.

“The kitchen didn’t have much then so we made all the meals using a hot plate,” recalls Ms. Jackie. “Lots have changed since then. We’ve got a stove and cabinets now so its easier to feed everyone but it wasn’t always like that.”

When service members stop by the Little Creek center, they not only enjoy a hot meal, but a family away from home. If you see Ms. Jackie at the center, you will most likely find her giving warm hugs or adding a special, “secret ingredient” to her meals.

“Ms. Jackie’s legacy is her hospitality,” says JEBLC Center Director, Michelle Moritz. “She’s known to be very kind and that’s why service members keep coming back to see her.

When asked birthday was her favorite, Ms. Jackie says, "Every birthday has been my favorite. I’m lucky to still have birthdays and the USO makes them special.”

Help us celebrate Ms. Jackie and her dedication to our service members and their families. Sign the digital Birthday Card Below:

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