Operation Ice Cream Social Distance

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Even when quarantined, Team USOHRCV is serving our military by assembling care packages, providing virtual programming, and offering sweet treats!

On Mother’s Day, USNS Comfort Sailors quarantined at Navy Gateway Inns and Suites-Drexlor Manor on JEBLC enjoyed a day outside with ice cream and perfect weather during Operating Ice Scream Social Distance. Thanks to the generosity of our local Food Lion, we were also able to provide snacks for service members to enjoy.

“Sailors looked like they had a great time,” said Joe Holyfield, Warehouse and Supply Manager of USOHRCV. “They were very happy to get outside and enjoy a nice treat.”

In order to stay at this Navy Lodge, sailors had to take a COVID-19 test and have a negative result. In order to head home, sailors will take a second test, and must have a negative result. Fortunately, these sailors are expected to be able to see their families again in a few days!

Help us keep them strong! It was because of the generosity of local businesses and individuals that Operation Ice Scream Social Distance was made possible. Make a generous gift towards our COVID-19 relief efforts here: https://hrcv.uso.org/support/donate

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