Meet our New Partner, Grifols

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Now more than ever, USO of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia offer our gratitude to medical professionals keeping us safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, including our new partner, Grifols.


Laboratorios Grifols was founded on 1909 in Barcelona, Spain by Grifols Roig and his sons. Their mission was to improve the health and well-being of people around the world through plasmapheresis. To date, Grifols operates over 250 plasma donation centers around the United States under several different names including Biomat USA, Talecris Plasma Resources, and Interstate Blood Bank Incorporated.

This process of separating plasma from blood cells has a long history of saving the lives of our men and women in uniform. Albumin, a protein processed from plasma, has been used as early as 1941 to treat victims of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was also used all throughout World War II, and it still used to this day to treat wounded military and in hospitals everywhere.

Grifols and the USO

With over 250 locations, many near military installations, Grifols has made it their mission to uplift the communities they call home. Donor centers all over the country have supported our military, by feeding our troops in training with treats and food trucks, and dedicating a portion of donor commitment fees to the USO. This helps fund the USO operations and programs that service members know and love. Team USORHCV looks forward to partner with Grifols in an effort to boost morale for service members in the Hampton Roads and Central Virginia. More information coming soon!

How You Can Save a Life

During these extraordinary circumstances, its organizations like Grifols that strive further to serve patients and society. Like your local USO, Grifols relies on the generosity of donors to uphold their mission. It can take up to 1,200 donations to treat 1 person with hemophilia. If you are interested in more information on plasma donation, visit Individuals who meet the requirements and choose to donate their plasma are compensated, but more importantly, they are saving a life!

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