Trippin on the Appalachian Trail

Julie Coffman is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Fort Lee USO and is also a proud military spouse. Julie is HIKING the Appalachian Trail, starting in Amicalola Falls Georgia and ending her journey at Mt. Katadin Maine, a 2,189 mile journey that will take her about 6 months.

There are a few different reasons why she’s taking on this challenge; One reason is for personal achievement, and clarity. To find her inner peace, and set goals for the next round of her life. Another reason is personal, professional, and military related. As she is a military wife, a soon to be Marine mom, and surrounded everyday by service men and women through work and volunteering at the USO of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia, she wants to use this experience as a way to give back to our local service members.

Julie is wanting to raise awareness through her journey and to introduce hikers and anybody else she meets along the way, about the mission of our local USO and all they do for our service members and their families. The goal is to raise awareness and knowledge to the general public about USOHRCV. Through help of the community, Julie is hoping to raise $10,000 to support our 11 (and growing) centers, our programs, and our mission of “Strengthening America’s Military service members by keeping them connected to Family, Home, and Country throughout their service to the Nation!”

Follow her journey on our Facebook Page and help her reach her goal!

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