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In response to COVID-19 outbreaks, our Pathfinder scouts will be meeting with transitioning service members and spouses virtually.

Our Pathfinder services are free and we help transitioning service members, recently separated veterans and their spouses (to include Coast Guard) during a window of 1 year prior to separation to 1 year after – and military spouses at any point regardless of sponsor’s transition status – to develop an action plan to meet goals in employment, education, financial readiness, housing, legal, VA benefits, family strength and wellness, as well as volunteerism. We work with the military installation resources as well as community partners in Hampton Roads and around the country to provide connections to resources, programs and providers. Everyone on our team is a veteran or military spouse, and has been through the transition process. We’ve been there and we want to help everyone to succeed.

Please encourage your network to visit www.uso.org/pathfinder and fill out the registration form. Select “Norfolk” as the closest site (for anyone in the whole Hampton Roads area) and within 24 business hours clients will receive a call or email from their Scout to set up an appointment (phone or in person) to find out more about the situation, goals and needs. We work closely with both installation resources and community programs to make sure you get your needs met, for free and with quality programs and services.

Looking for a space for a meeting? We have a classroom on the third floor of J50 which is available for FRGs, Ombudsmen meetings, spouse groups, command groups to use for free. It has tables and chairs for 40 people, a podium, and projector/screen. Simply email me about availability. If your group wants to meet in the evenings or on weekends, I can check out a key to the building. The only things I ask are that your attendees sign in so I can send them all ONE email about our program and keep track of metrics, and that you take out the trash and clean up any mess. kemiller@uso.org

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